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Press release


Charité Campus-Klinik prepares for COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care

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One of the rooms at the CCK. Photo: Charité/Peitz.

Charité is ramping up capacity for an expected increase in COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care. Key measures from its Pandemic Response Plan include the repurposing of individual rooms, wards, beds and outpatient areas, which will be used exclusively for patients affected by the pandemic. As part of these measures, Charité Campus-Klinik (CCK) will be gradually converted into a dedicated intensive care building with an additional 135 beds. The first ward will be ready to accept patients from tomorrow.

The launch of the first 24-bed intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients on level 3 of the CCK building will be the first step in a gradual process aimed at ensuring Charité has and continues to have sufficient capacity for patients with intensive care needs. These beds will add to Charité’s existing capacity of 364 intensive care beds. All of Charité’s intensive care beds offer life-saving ventilation equipment.

This additional intensive care capacity will ensure the continued and strict physical separation of infected and non-infected patients, enabling Charité to meet the needs of all intensive care patients as case numbers increase. Although the extra capacity of this new facility is not yet required, the unit will be ready to accept intensive care patients if and when this becomes necessary.


Manuela Zingl
Corporate Spokesperson
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
t: +49 30 450 570 400

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