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Research Seminar (Online)

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This link is valid for all Charité members. Use the following code to join: 46rk2cu

Schedule of Winter Semester 2021/22

2022-01-13, 01 pm (CET) - Franziska Pellegrini

Applying FOOOF to LFP data of a Parkinsonian rat model

2022-03-10, 01 pm (CET) - Veronika Shamova

MEG/EEG normative connectivity

2022-03-24, 01 pm (CET) - Rick Wilming


2022-04-21, 01 pm (CET) - Mahta Mousavi

Simulating functional connectivity aspects of EEG data using the Virtual Brain

2022-05-05, 01 pm (CET) - Rustam Zhumagambetov


Schedule of summer semester 2021

2021-06-24, 10 am (CET) - Franziska Pellegrini


Schedule of winter semester 2020/2021

2020-12-03, 11 am (CET) - Ana Toro

Title, Abstract

2021-01-07, 10 am (CET) - Rick Wilming

Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (LIME)

2021-01-21, 10 am (CET) - Franziska Pellegrini

Finding the best pipeline to analyse region-region connectivity with EEG

2021-02-04, 10 am (CET) - Céline Budding

Creating artificial data to evaluate heatmapping methods for model interpretability

[Canceled] 2021-02-18, 10 am (CET) - Sören
2021-03-04, 10 am (CET) - Ali Hashemi

Joint Hierarchical Bayesian Learning of Full-structure Noise for Brain Source Imaging

2021-04-01, 10:00 am (CET) - Rick Wilming

Applying Shapley Additive Explanations (SHAP)  to linear ground-truth data

2021-04-15, 10:30 am (CET) - Taliana Herrera

Assessment Phase-Amplitude-Coupling connectivity methods and their robustness to spurious interactions

2021-04-29, 10 am (CET) - Ana Toro

Bispectral Delay Estimation